• 180 kg Folding Aluminium Step

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    180 Kg Folding Aluminium Step

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  • CEM Gas Regulator

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  • Circular Vents

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  • Dual Coupling Lock

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  • Eriba Camper Trailer (in stock)

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    Mini 270 Technical Specification
    Berths: 2
    Overall Length: 3.67m
    Unladen Weight: 450kg
    Max. Weight: 750kg
    Overall Height: 1.98m
    Overall Width: 2.1m
    Body Length: 2.6m
    $16,900.00 $19,500.00
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  • Fiamma F80 S Awning P/WH 3.4m, Royal Grey

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    Brackets: more than 40 types of dedicated brackets available on request
    Dual Shock-Absorber: absorbs shocks in case of heavy stress
    Roller support: facilitates the rolling up of the fabric
    Secure Lock: adjusts the height of the lead bar
    Reinforced arms: keep the fabric tensioned
    One Way Roll: guides the direction of rolling up
    LEDs: double front LED arrangement + case box
    Triple guide: allows the installation of two front panels and other accessories
    Leg: telescopic and equipped with a reinforced joint


    • Description – F80s 340 – Polar White
    • Fabric Colour – Royal Grey
    • Awning Length A – 340cm
    • Canopy Length B – 328cm
    • Extension C – 250cm
    • Shade Surface – 8.2 m2
    • Weight – 30 kg
    $1,439.00 $1,619.00
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    The Fiamma Privacy Rooms are the genuine Wall Kit designed to be used injunction with the Fiamma F45 Awnings. These speciality annex kits have been engineered to achieve a quick and uncomplicated setup without compromising on functionality or style.

    The updated kits include large openable windows on all sides fitted with both mosquito screens and curtains. The mutli panel front provides an adjustable configuration, this allows the door to be positioned at either end to suit your surroundings.

    Styled with grey and white tones and constructed from UV resistant, waterproof and washable vinyl fabric, these walls will continue to complement any RV for years to come.


    • Fiamma FastClip System is included within this kit.
    • Supplied with pegs, ladder bands, guylines and a carry bag.
    • 1 year warranty.
    $1,691.00 $1,956.00
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    Product Description

    Standard delivery includes:

    • x1 front panel with door and window (with mosquito nets)
    • x2 side panels with windows (with mosquito nets)
    • x1 Fast Clip system
    • support poles
    • and a mega bag for storage


    These are made from Crystal PVC and can be rolled up to provide ventilation whilst keeping flying insects out. Velcro is used to ensure the windows are closed securely.


    Made from anodized aluminium the improved Fast Clip system is standard delivered with a Privacy Room. The system allows for a quick installation by sandwiching two panels together.

    Colours & Materials

    Made from UV resistant, waterproof and washable vinyl fabric (excluding windows).

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  • FIAMMA Step Ladder

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