Customer Service Quiz

Customer Service Quiz
This quiz has 20 questions followed by one scenario.
1. Which one of these roles does not deal directly with customers?
2. Choose an example of good customer service.
3. Identify the benefits of good customer service to the business.
4. Which is a way to gain customer satisfaction?
5. The staff in the shop are very polite, they are ______________________.
6. The customer service reacted quickly and in a positive way, they were ______________________.
We're doing everything to ____________________ our customers' expectations.
My personal rule of ________________ is that I never argue with customers.
9. Last year, we lost a lot of customers ______________ our competitor.
10. Usually it's easier to _________________________ an existing customer than to gain a new one.
11. We have a card for loyal customers to ________________ their loyalty.
12. We usually accept complaints because we don't want to __________________ about unimportant details.
13. What is customer service?
14. For most businesses, the most profitable customers tend to be...
15. A customer service problem happens when
16. What is rule number 1 in customer service?
17. A satisfied customer tends to be all of the following except...
18. A key benefit from offering good customer service is
19. Profit is sales revenue minus costs
20. Treat others as you’d like to be treated is a good guiding principle behind offering outstanding service or sales through service.